Best rendering profile for android tablets and other home devices?

I'm looking for a single rendering format that I can use for viewing on:
- samsung galaxy2 tab 10.1 with 1280x800 widescreen resolution and 30fps
- home office workstation with 2560x1280 monitor and nvidia vdpau acceleration under vlc
- tivo premier dvr connected to a panasonic plasma tv that supports 720p/1080i widescreen
- other misc laptops running linux that might have smaller 12-15 inch screens

Content will be imported from:
- 2D Blue-ray and DVD movies
- Kodak zi8 camera that captures at 720p 60fps
- Any other video that we may get via w/o DRM via web or tivo

The reason for using a single rendering format is to minimize storage space and have one directory to export via miniDLNA/etc to all home devices.


I'm assuming x264 is one of the codecs...not sure about container format or audio, or resolution...just standard 720p 30fps?

720p in an mp4 would be my guess. Frame rate in immaterial, reencoding at different frame rate to source is asking for trouble. :-)