Black bars around the picture

I just created a slideshow with some photos
I'm using default profile HDV 1440x1080i 25fps

When I play the video some of the pictures don't take the whole screen

I get a black bar at each side of the picture

How can I get picture to display in the whole screen without the black bars?


I put a question (Picture Distortion) on the General Forum which could be the same as yours.
Look at that post.

Your images are almost certainly 1:1 PAR (pixel aspect ratio) and you're using a non square pixel aspect ratio project profile so it all gets squished.

Not sure why you want to use a HDV interlaced project profile for this?

I don't really know. I was just trying

My monitor resolution is 1920x1080 (16:09)

I have tried checking the box "force aspect ratio" 16:9 and now I can see the whole image without black strap but some of the slides I had with black straps are showing now a bit distorted, I mean the person in the picture is stretched out so the person looks like very fat

I used this time profile HD 1080p 24 fps (size 1920x1080, frame rate 24/1, Pixel aspect ratio 1/1, display ratio 16/9) and the output mp4

Which profile is the correct to use for my 140 photos slideshow?


If your pictures are not in 16:9 and you squish them into a 16:9 box, they will be stretched if you want them to fill the screen, or they will not be stretched and have black bars.

First you have to know what aspect ratio your pictures have, then you know which of the common screen sizes fits best. Maybe using a standard HD format (as you do with 1080p) is a good idea, and then accept the black bars. Or you use PAL or NTSC in 4:3, maybe that fits better your picture aspect ratio. But as long as the picture aspect ratio is not equal to the movie aspect ratio you are doomed. ;-)

The third option is cropping the pics to 16:9 - if you can do that without cutting someone's head or toes :-)

The cropping tool in GIMP lets you specify an fixed aspect ratio, for example.

As a last resort, you could use zoom and pan (Ken Burns) to display "uncroppable" images.

Thanks so much to all of you for the help but I have tried so many different configurations and I think I'm going to stick with the black bars rather than cut someone's head or making someone look very fat in the photo which is even worse

I tried GIMP but this doesn't do batch and I wouldn't go one picture by one

I tried Photofilm strips and this tool give me the correct image taking the whole screen like I want without doing anything.

The only disadvantage of the tool is that I can only add one song to my video and I have 160 photos so my audio finishes before the slideshow which is not good

I have check this video using mediainfo and I have:

Bit rate :
8 022 Kbps
Width :
1 920 pixels
Height :
1 080 pixels
Display aspect ratio :
Frame rate :
29.970 fps
Lossy Bits/(Pixel*Frame) :

Unless somebody have any suggestion?