Blackmagic Cinema Camera coming soon, Kdenlive CinemaDNG compatibility?

Blackmagic having just recently announced the Cinema Camera, i'm unaware if I would be able to use footage from it in kdenlive.

It can shoot 1080 in prores an dnxhd, these can be used in Kdenlive directly.

For the 2.5K RAW mode, the cinemaDNG can store the video as a sequence of DNG images. Using some external linux tools for batch conversion, the footage (if not the metadata stored in cinemaDNG) could probably be imported in Kdenlive.
I guess it won't be long before we get open source cinemaDNG support in ffmpeg or something, since itself is an open standard.

Otherwise ... WOOOW!!! DIS IZ DA BEAST!! And almost affordable at 3 kilobucks :-) Maybe even less without the "useless" software?

Almost like it was made to my dream specs: fully open, standard ports...

Well, I would add an HDMI port to connect a cheap monitor, and I have a bunch of Nikon lenses, but they made the mistake of using a Canon mount...

And the relatively small (cca 8x15mm) sensor will make it hard to find a real wideangle lens in a 35mm format lens mount! An 17mm DSLR "ultrawide" will become a "normal" lens on this cam. Even an 12mm lens (which I guess is the shortest available for for "full frame" DSLRs) will be a very moderate wide, like a 35mm lens on an "full frame" DSLR.

The 4/3 system mount would be a much better fit for this size senzor, and would allow (via adaptors) the use of any major brand DSLR lenses, including EF!