Blur faces/licencens plate/other parts of video

First of all Hi.

My experience whit this program is about less then 1% means i made 2 vids in whitch i only inserted a title that flys in and out :D

My question is:
Is it possible to warp/blur or garble a part of a video like a Face or a licencensplate from a vehicle.
It would also be ok if i could make sth like a smilie over it. If possible not frame by frame.

I hope someone can help me. Sry for my bad english.

yes it is a video effect called obscure. apply it to a clip in the track. in the effect stack you can change the location and size of obscure box. actually if you have 0.7.8 you can change the location and size on the project manager.

How do i make the "obscurefield" wander around like if the face is walking from left to right making the "field" follow it ?

You can try Auto Mask, but you might need to split the clip where the "auto" function is unable to further properly track the motion. Then, re-apply the effect on each part.


I am trying to do something similar. I have a video, and I'd like to overlay an image of a friend's face onto the person in the video. Would I also use obscure, or is this is possible?

Sorry if these are dumb questions, I've just found kdenlive and am not experienced with video editing, any help is much appreciated.


I'm trying to blur a portion of a video that moves around but is less defined than a license plate or face so Automask has difficulty following it around. Is there a keyframeable version of obscure that I can manually position?

and then, when you have tried "everything" of kdenlive and in the case you don't found your part of fortune, you can have a tour with, for example :

---> the gimp plus gap (gimp animation package) set of plugins.
mac no port?
nux should be somewhere in some packets manager

---> synfig animation studio

both of them permit my "kind of" post production (in different easy manip or not).

so you can import a video and let anim something (a blured transparent circle or square in this case) following some path if you want.

have fun ;-)

wow thanks djay!
didn't know synfig animation studio. Looks great!