Blurry Text

i added several titles, but the letters all look blurry (i looks like l) - in the project-/clip-monitor as well as in the rendered result (MPEG-4 6000k 2 pass). what's up with that?

kdenlive 0.7.8 with ubuntu natty

I think there were improvements to kdenlives text quality in later releases, yours is quite old. Perhaps try using sunabs kdenlive 'release' PPA and enjoy 8.2.x

I see no problems with blurry text in 8.2.x quite surprised actually. That was with 1:1 PAR HD though.

thanks for the clue! :)
now it's really better, even though sadly not really pin sharp... (MP4, bitrate 25000)

and it seems like i have to do the work of last night again -.- the titles i did with the old version remain fuzzy *sigh*

btw is there a way to remove the animation of a saved titles without kdenlive instantly crushing...?