Bow making intro (German)

Has a very professional look.
But why did you render with timecode overlay enabled?
Maybe a background color other than white would have suited the topic better.
Looking forward to the next video.


@Till I had the Timecode enabled in the preview and, as it seems, I've forgotten to disable it for the final version (although I'm sure I've unchecked the box). Uploaded a version without timecode now.

You mean a background like wood (split trunk)? That would actually have been cool. Thanks for the hint, might be valuable for a future project :)

@Dan I've now added the download link. Forgot to do it before in the hurry.
Yes, I'm happy I found it :)

Yes. Maybe a old wooden table with a surface not too plane might work out.
Of course this could take the focus off the actual filmed object and therefore require more effort into lightning.