BPM as sticky points to audio track

I've had this in mind for too long, and I don't have the time or skills to implement this, but hopefully someone else could:

I often edit short clips in kdenlive which have a master sound track, just some handy CC tune from jamendo.com for example. On most occations I try to sync video events with the master audio track.
That means that transitions and other important events happen to the beat of the sound track.

Currently I'm listening and looking at the audio wave form a lot, but that is a bit tedious.

So, a BPM sticky point feature would be an effect for an audio clip. It would count the average beats per minute, and show the beat on the timeline with sticky points. Then it would be a lot easier to sync transitions and clip changes to the sound track.

Also, on some occations I would like to apply this to a short drum roll for example and change
clip on every beat, so this could hopefully be applied to a subset of an audio track too. Or maybe I would just split the audio clip at the drum roll, and re-calculate the BPM average.

Maybe there is a lib for this we could use in Kdenlive.

I'm bumping this thread up cause I think it's an awesome idea.