Broken Audio in exported file

I made a clip from avi files with emdedded audio.
When I export it, the sound makes a weird noise: In some parts it stutters like in the preview, when there is not enough processor power. I attached an example sound file (15s).




Can anyone give me a hint? Thanks!


Please give more infos:

Which distribution are you using, which Kdenlive version and did you compile FFMPEG by yourself or do you use your distro package ?


Thanks for the fast answer.
I use Kubuntu 7.10 and Kdenlive 0.5 from the repositories. I compiled no programs by myself.

i am new at Kdenlive, and i have almost the same problem
The difference is that i have no sound out at all. I know it cant be a bug, thats why i would want you to tell me what am i doing wrong....

i use Ubuntu 7.10, kdenlive 0.5, and packages are from Linux distro, i dont compile programs myself


i could think of a million reasons why this could happen. To start with.
how did you capture the video/audio?
Is there any corruption in the sound file there?
have you add any effect to the audio in kdenlive?
if possible a screen shot could help....

well, it is not a captured file, but an .avi video i downloaded from my email account
i just re-encoded it in xvid
No effects added
i dont know it there is audio corruptions (how can i know that?)
the output is an video-only clip

did you reencode with kden?
did you retry it with a fresh progect? incase you clicked on something random?
i've never tryied to encoded to xvid with kden...

When I convert videos with the following options, I get no sound while rendering a kdenlive video:
mencoder -o video/ -oac mp3lame -lameopts cbr:br=128 -ovc xvid -xvidencopts fixed_quant=4 -vf hqdn3d
By the way: In the preview Kdenlive plays the sound.

i dont use command line, i did it graphically