bugs bugs bugs :S


I have been using Kdenlive for about 6 months, finding it to be the most advanced free software video editor. I am, however, getting a bit frustrated and concerned. I seem to have endless lists of often erratic and bizarre bugs.

I am not a coder, but am very very much into free software - I campaign a lot and run events as a volunteer, and use it for everything I do. I am quite worried about the number of problems I am having with this program though, and would really like some honest opinions as to

a) if this is a big problem for a lot of people or if most people have very few issues
b) if its a big problem for a lot of people, WHY are there so many issues
c) if this is going to get solved with things the way they are now, or are the problems deeply rooted.

I am sorry if this seems negative, I don't want it to be - I really appreciate that people work hard on creating these programmes - but I do really want to understand what the score is and why



Till a ffmpeg 0.7.8 I had no bigger problems, after this (about February) some problems (for me) started (but I could still use kdenlive). In my opinion with a new MLT 0.8.0 everything is fine now. We he to wait till mlt 0.8.0 will fully available in all the distributions as a normal package, as it might be a problem for many users to compile from a source.

I think, it will be a good idea in Kdenlive to have a self-check system, so will be esay to find if the problems comes from kdenlive or ffmpeg or mlt - eg. on my laptop kdenlive crashed, but the problem was by mlt compiled with vdapu flag (hardware support for nvidia), but it doesn't work with Nvidia Optimus - so I had no idea kdenlive crashed because of bug in kdenlive but because of mlt. With such self-checking system it could be easier for user to tell developers what is going wrong - it must be information about version off kdenlive, mlt and ffmpeg - as In my case kdenlive wotked differently with differnt ffmpeg versiond.

I think it could be also good to know which set of kdenlive & ffmpeg & mlt works as much stable as possible.

"I think it could be also good to know which set of kdenlive & ffmpeg & mlt works as much stable as possible."

yes this sounds good. as I wotk my way through diffrent OS's looking for a stable functionality, I find that there is a lot of varience in the version i end up with. I think my big problems are with the newest version. What I can't seem to establish is WHY I get such big problems. They seem to persist in evey os I try. I can only assume its hardware - but I more than meet the specs required. Its just quite frustrating as there dont seem to be any answers :S

May I ask what OS you use vylaern?



In my last three projects I encountered no stalls or other troubles with kdenlive. The results have been fine, no matter what output format I used (DVD, DV, mpg2, mpg4). Before May 2011 I used openSuse and since then I am on Archlinux.

I can confirm that there are often problems with the first release of a new version. Usually it takes only a couple of days for the first bugfix release from the kdenlive team and then I am happy with Arch, because the packager provides the new package one or two days after the release.

As far as I _feel_ (did not count) most problems here are reported from ubuntu users using the standard repositories, which do not support all codecs. On the other hand - and a pro for ubuntu - there is sunab providing a bleeding edge repository. So, using openSuse, Arch or ubuntu with sunab's repos seems to be a good choice.

Cheers, Achim

PS: gingerling, did you align your list of bugs with the bugtracker? The bugs will be removed if the programmers know them. ;-)

It just feels like kdenlive puts me in a catch 22 situation.

The 0.9 is recomended, but only actually avilabale with ubuntu and a ppa (or on a specialist os like avlinux) and it isnt actually stable, well, not so far on my pc - I can report bugs till my face turns blue, but I am not getting any work doen in the meantime. So I could go for an older version...

But the older versions, which are all you can get debian etc, aren't actually supproted anymore becuase they are old.

And compatability between the versions out there in the repos isnt great - for example I started eding a video in 0.9, but it was too buggy to use, so I went back to 0.7.8 on my debian partition, and I couldent open the file due to compatability issues.

TO me it seems that if it isnt possible to distribute a new version to everyone out there, there should atleat be compatability between the versions on the major linux os's? I wonder what other people think of this.

I am donwloading ubuntu now, to see if I have any better luck there. But I still havent got this new version working on any os :S

I will see how it goes :S