Bugs in Guide Zones (Solved 0.8.3)

I find the next problems:
- when you want to add a new guide appear the time in hh:mm:ss:dd. If you accept it the program do 00:hh:mm:ss and the guide appear in a wrong position.
- If you want to put the guide in a correct place you must write the hour in minute and write all as show mm:ss:00:00. This is the only solution I find.
- When you render for guide zones dont work well. Start the video in the correct guide but some seconds after start in the begining of the project (second 00:00:00:00).




Could you please file these bugs with the bug tracker so the devs see them?

There was a timecode problem that should be solved in Kdenlive, please try it when you can

Thanks for your quick answer. I am using kdenlive 0.8.3. Will you modify this version next days or you recomend me to change the version?

Thanks in advance

I verified the problem is solved in the 0.8.3.