buildscript 20120902 binary crashes with common edits [SOLVED]

Until yesterday I've had no trouble with Kdenlive crashing as long as I've used the build script to generate the Kdenlive binary. However, the build from 20120902 crashes predictably and repeatably. I used the Scissors tool to cut a segment, then I used the Selection tool to select the cut region for deletion. But before I can delete the section Kdenlive crashes. I repeated the action a number of times, Kdenlive crashed at the same place every time.

I note that MLT is now 0.8.3 for the build script version. Perhaps an error crept into the code base ? At any rate, this build is unusable for my purposes. I'm glad I keep some previous builds around.



Added: Mantis report filed at #0002719.

Added: JBM notified me that the problem was resolved. I tested today's build, the problem is gone. Thank you !