buildscript binary doesn't find pixmaps


I use the build script to compile Kdenlive successfully on three systems. Only one of them - AVLinux (Debian Squeeze) - displays the pixmaps correctly. My Ubuntu 10.04 and Arch 64 differ in their failure - the Ubuntu build displays some of the pixmaps, e.g. New, Open, Save, but not those for the Add Clip and other entries in the Clip box's pop-up menu. The Arch build fails to find any Kdenlive pixmaps.

There must be a simple solution, I just haven't figured it out yet. Can anyone nudge me in the right direction ?



ADDED: I solved half the problem. The Arch system didn't have a Kdebase installation, so no Oxygen theme. Now I have the same set of basic pixmaps on the Ubuntu and Arch builds, but both are still without many other icons (see above).