bundling mlt and ffmpeg libs to solve compilation problems?

Hi, I'm trying to compile kdenlive and i've found weird errors, like this:

/usr/local/include/mlt++/MltConsumer.h:26:27: error: framework/mlt.h: No such file or directory

Frankly, for an amateur multimedia artist, having to deal with all these problems (just to build a usable version of kdenlive (because the version in my repository has exporting problems) is totally insane. I had mlt and mlt++ installed in my machine, but they're not the most recent versions so not only i have to compile them myself, but also make sure i'm using the right prefix (/usr/local) and use checkinstall to make sure they don't conflict with further updates from my repository. To quote the 300 movie, this is madness! :(

So here's my suggestion: Why don't you just bundle the libraries in the source required to build kdenlive? This way you'll have control of what version of what library gets compiled, how, and where. That'll get rid of the building problems we all seem to have. I also speak from experience, I was part of the codeblocks ide development team, and bundling all libraries sources (except the wxWidgets one) was the simplest and most useful solution.

So, why not do that? I'm really interested in improving kdenlive and I think that perhaps I could contribute to the coding / debugging (and / or developing new video effects). But for that I need your help, please make compilation more straightforward. I'm sure this will open the door to a lot of new developers like me, who want to help but aren't experts in solving libraries dependency problems.

Thank you very much.