Burning toaster VFX


A visual effect created with Kdenlive created using the screen transition. Not perfect (aliased edges under the flames, and the sparks are cheesy. The flashes and flames have no effect on ambient light or reflections, and some smoke wouldn't have hurt) but I'm proud of it for 1 hour's work (including hunting own the images and sounds). Used it to convince some students they didn't actually need to set a toaster on fire for their final year film.

I Think it shows some of the things can be done with Kdenlive. I tried this effect on Avid MC5 and failed to get anything as good.

And yes - I did notice the toaster's not plugged in in the original image.


Toaster image by John Bell - healthserviceglasses flickr.com/people/healthserviceglasses/ creative commons share alike.
Flames by Made by Justus Gilstrap youtube.com/watch?v=8sXsStMGfGM
Sparks by The Tutorial Brothers. youtube.com/watch?v=5GRtQX7weXY

"LightbulbWink" by Richard Frohlich via freesound.org
"Electric Sparks" by Connum via freesound.org

Thanks to the above for releasing their work freely.

Creative Commons Licence