Can I disable Audio Track 1 in a batch using Comandline?

Hi Guys,

I have a few seasons of Stargate that have a German audio track as default. I need to either disable them or redefine them as track 2 perhaps.

My media server is a headless FreeBSD install without VNC. I found kdenlive seems to be the most promising option but I can not find any specific instructions to complete what I need to do.

Is it possible?

kdenlive is not really a command line tool so I don't think you are going to get what you want with it.

It might be that ffmpeg is the only tool you need. It can copy streams around. Because maybe all you need to do is create copies of your files with one of the audio streams not included.

Thanks :)

I'll look into that.

A bit red faced that I went for the heaviest option first tbh lol