Can kdenlive do this? move text "animation title"

Hi all,

I did this gif Example by swishmax.

and i need to do this with video. so i want to know if kdenlive can do this ? I Tried a lot but I did not succeed.
Note: their is 4 Movement, every one have different speed and A different direction.


try openshot. then render the video and import it into kdenlive.

Yes Kdenlive can do this.
You can use either the Composite or the Affine transition.
A tutorial which also shows how to do keyframed movements:

Thank you so much Both of you

The Video is very useful
It is true that my language is not English
But I find it easy
Thanks again and again.

The youtube tutorial on keyframed movements seems interesting (allthough old), but it isn't present anymore. Is there still a valid link out there? :)