Can Kdenlive execute macros for repetitive editing tasks?

Can Kdenlive execute macros for repetitive editing tasks?

I need to insert more than 1,000 still slides (svg files) into several videos. Each slide must have numerous settings applied to it, a process that takes several minutes manually per slide. If I could define a macro to do this, it would save many, many hours. Is this possible?


Kdenlive does not support macros, but you can copy and paste your effects applied to a clip. And maybe you can apply an effect stack as a default effect for a picture sequence - never tried that.

There is currently no scripting available in Kdenlive. Your best choice might be to write a script creating the xml for the project file...

THANK YOU!!! I didn't realize the project file was xml (I had never looked). This is a viable solution.

I've done some experimenting and partially figured out the xml in the project file, at least as to what I need, but there are some weird things about the numbers that don't make sense.

Is there any documentation of the xml format of the kdenlive project file?

In fact most of the xml data is in the MLT format. Kdenlive specific code is embeded in the <kdenlivedoc> tags.
You can find some documentation about MLT's xml format here:

I don't think we have documentation for the Kdenlive specific code, but you should be able to figure most of it by testing. Otherwise, you can ask here...

Excellent. Thank you. I will turn this project over to a programmer now, who is my son.