Cannot burn rendered video file to DVD

Hi, moorsey, I am trying to burn my video to a DVD to be able to play on a VCR.
I have tried to export in Raw DV, AVI DV, and MPEG2 (Pal).

Hi marko, I am not sure how to get the files you suggest,ie, ls -l, can you assist further please, I have been on line to find this file but with no luck.

In Kdenlive, when you click "render" a separate rendering window opens, and there is the "output file" input field. There the name (and path) of the file to which the rendering output goes should be written.

To find a file with a known name on the system, use the locate command, like "locate filename".

"ls -l" will list the files in the directory, listing sizes, permisions etc. The size of a real video file should be at least in the megabytes. If not, probably something went wrong with the rendering.

Of all the rendering options you have used above, have you tried clicking on the Destinations drop down menu in "Render". Select DVD, then the size you want and that will render you a VOB file. Then use DVD Wizard.