cannot cut a clip in a group


maybe and I hope someone can help me.

I cut a homevideo with kdenlive and now I want to put music to it. So I have 1 videoline, 2 audiolines -the one from the video, because i devided it and -a second audioline with the songclips. Now I wanted to put a "mute" on one part of a clip. So I know I have to cut it first, because I want the voice of the beginning of the clip. But in general now the program gives me the note "cannot cut a clip in a group". Is that, because I split the audio from the video? And if so, i cannot find, how to put it back. Can someone help me with that?

Thanks a lot already, have a good evening, Jay

You can ungroup the audio and video by right clicking on them and do: Ungroup clip.

If you want to have your clip with audio and video, ungroup the 2 clips and delete the audio part. Then, select the video part and in the "Clip" menu, you can choose if the clip should be audio only, video only or audio + video.

Hope it helps