Cannot edit duration or drag slideshow clip

When I add a slideshow clip to my project tree, even though I have set the duration in kdenlive settings globally to 5 seconds, it sets the duration to 10 minutes if I let kdenlive "do its thing". Then I noticed that I can set the "frame duration" (???) in the dialog box that appears when I choose "Add Slideshow Clip" from the context menu. When I set this to 00:00:05:00, I get a new Slideshow Clip asset with the desired duration.

When I drag it to the timeline, it appears correct. Now I can drag the right border to give it a shorter duration, but I cannot drag it to the right to make it longer! When I choose "Edit duration" from the menu, it appears to have no effect.

Anybody know what is happening here? I haven't been using kdenlive very long.

Version is running on Ubuntu 10.04.

Thanks for any help!

OK, I found out that instead of "Add Slideshow Clip" I needed to just add the image normally with "Add Clip". Somewhat confusing because it's not a clip, but just an image!