Cannot install KDEnlive on Ubuntu Jaunty [solved]

In my (Dutch) version of Ubuntu 9.04, I get the message (translated by me to English)

Needed:kdebase-runtime (>=4:4.2.4) but 4:4.2.2-0ubuntu1 is installed
Needed:kdelibs5 (>=4:4.2.4) but 4:4.2.2-0ubuntu5.2 is installed

A few weeks ago KDEnlive DID work on my PC. In the meantime, I've installed and later de-installed OpenShot.
I tried de-installing KDEnlive, restarting, removing KDEnlive and re-installing it, but it keeps giving problems.

Oh yes, I use the PPA repository. Maybe that has something to do with it?

I've noticed that on the sourceforge website, a more recent version of KDEnlive is available, albeit as a tar-file.
For a not-so-technical computer user as me, this is quite confusing.

Since 8. October 2009 there is a new Version of Kdenlive (0.7.6).
Before you uninstalled Kdenlive you had the version 0.7.5.
It seems the package for 0.7.6 is brocken at the moment.
Look at

There is maybe a solution (use .deb or compile the sources) but I can't explain it to you because I'm not confident with such techniques.
I guess the package will be fixed soon.

I just did the update this morning and I am having the same problem, it has even deleted the old version.

Does anyone know when this will be sorted out as I use KDenlive for work purposes and I really have to get something finished in the next day or so.

About the kdebase-runtime dependency problem : i made a mistake, your system is requesting the backports version at some point (only jaunty i386 and lpia arch are affected). I will rebuild those packages to avoid that.

Edit : packages queued on soyuz, 2 hours to wait.

I've been having exactly the same problem, and posted in another thread about it.

Thank you for the update! :-)

BTW Sunab, I just started using Kdenlive as I had an important video project to get done, on short notice, discovering your PPA was a god-send, as it meant I could render to h.264, I was really grateful :)

Packages rebuilt for jaunty is ok now. All should be ok.

@digitalranger : glad to help you. Thanks for reporting.

Great work, will re-install later.

This is a great package, I work with video professionally and this is as good as most pro packages I have used.

I'm actually just finish up a critical editing job on 0.7.5 right now. On work like this, it's no time to be upgrading Kdenlive to a brand new release no matter how tempting. Best to give it a couple of days at least in case it needs re-compiling or has some flaws that can only be discovered by users installing the packages. I see you've already recompiled it. As soon as this video is completely done and rendered I will do the upgrade and rebuild ffmpeg and x264. Thanks sunab we all really appreciate the packaging.

I have just tried re-installing and it won't let me through Add/Remove, and in the Synaptic Package Manager it comes up with the following error.

Depends: kdebase-runtime (>=4:4.2.4) but 4:4.2.2-0ubuntu1 is to be installed
Depends: kdelibs5 (>=4:4.2.4) but 4:4.2.2-0ubuntu5.2 is to be installed

@squeak24 : this problem is solved with a second version of packages, just reload your package manager database, and update.

It appears that all's allright now. I've been able to start KDEnlive and open a previously created document.
One minor problem: the program name is not automatically added to my menu list. Maybe this has to do with the Dutch version of my GNOME-settings?

@jenske :in fact a kdenlive entry is added to gnome menu but not visible immediately (gnome bug?). If look the menu with "alacarte" the gnome menu editor you will see the kdenlive entry. Close your session ans re-open it, kdenlive will be visible in the menu.

I'm still getting the same message as detailed above, will look into it in detail later when I have a bit more time

it's working, now, thanks, great work

I had the same problem, but after an update it works ok. Thank you guys for your help!
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