Cannot load/save projects if mimetype files aren't in /usr/s

When cleaning up my installation I've noticed some kdenlive files left over from a system-wide installation, laying in /usr/share.

I've deleted all of them, since I'm using Espinosa_cz's script (

) to build a self-contained KDEnlive together with all libs in my home directory.

After deleting those files, however, all the KDEnlive builds I have under my home directory tree have stopped opening and saving KDEnlive projects. It also shows "Unknown" instead of "Kdenlive Project File" in the proper file type slots in File Open and File Save dialogs.

After some debugging I've found out that no matter where KDEnlive was installed to, it expects some files to be in /usr/share. The most important are MIME type files for KDEnlive project and KDEnlive scenelist file types:


Restoring them enables KDEnlive to work with project files again.

Still it would be nice if KDEnlive tried to locate them in proper subdirectories of its build prefix - e.g. I have one of my KDEnlive builds installed in /home/olo/misc/soft/Graphics/KDEnlive/SVN/espinosa/build.2007-07-07 instead of /usr.

So the MimeType files are located here:


Of course fixing it might not be doable inside KDEnlive, since this is obviously related to some built-in KDE mechanisms
I don't have necessary KDE development knowledge to have any idea...

On the other hand, the File Open dialog also shows "Unknown" instead of DV video type, because I don't have necessary MimeType file on my system, but KDEnlive imports DV files successfully if I manually change the file filter to "*" and open a DV file, so maybe KDEnlive could be made to at least import the project files properly, regardless of File Open/Save dialogs' behaviour.


Same problem.

put desktop files in to ~/.kde/share/mimelnk/application

Maybe add this to build script?

past wrote:
Same problem.

put desktop files in to ~/.kde/share/mimelnk/application

Maybe add this to build script?

Good idea, I've added this to Please try the latest version from SVN on