Cannot produce short crossfades to black

hi there,

just tried to use fades to black:

- put video on track 1
- put black colour clip on track 2
- added crossfade to video on track 1

unfortunately, kdenlive cannot produce SHORT crossfades to black (e.g. 1 second). when i try to do this, the yellow crossfade box does not close with the video on track 2 on the left side - looks like this:


this produces a crossfade where very suddenly the video gets darker, instead of doing it smoothly.

what i cannot do is the desired


is this a known kdenlive bug ? is there a way to work yourself around it?

seems like this forum system cuts off blank spaces, so please ignore the letter chains.




I have no problem here to achieve a 1 second crossfade... Which version of Kdenlive are you using ? Maybe you can post a screenshot of your timeline if the above image is not what you meant.