...cannot render in not-opensource formats

Hey all!

I can't render in mpeg, avi, flv, etc... what am I doing wrong?

I'm using Karmic Koala, I just installed kdenlive again yesterday.

It shows my MLT is old, but it isn't. I have a newer version than Kdenlive shows... I use 0.4.6 - kdenlive says, I'd have 0.4.5 - and I don't have the QImage-module.

Weird, Synaptic says something else.

Which further informations should I post?

If Kdenlive says you have MLT version 0.4.5, then it means that at some point you installed Kdenlive (and MLT) with the build wizard. You probably have MLT libraries from that older version somewhere.

First, you can try deleting the file $HOME/.kde/share/config/kdenliverc

If that does not solve your problem, try to delete the directory created by the Build Wizard ( usually: $HOME/kdenlivewizard )