Cannot render successfully in Ubuntu Feisty using 0.6SVN

Hey all,

Very impressed with the usability of kdenlive, but I cannot seem to successfully render. If I render to DV, the file is huge and the audio is out of sync . . maybe by 2 seconds. If I render to anything else, I only get the length of the top clip rendered. How do I render the complete timeline?



Further to this, DV files go out of sync. VOB files stop at 700KB and all others stop at 1.1MB


Well, it looks like I might have solved my own problem. I had been using the MLT that was included as a deb for the Feisty install instructions. While it installed, it seems it wasn't able to properly render the formats I wanted. I downloaded the latest MLT source, and ran the ./configure command. This showed some missing dependencies. While I wasn't able to get all of the dependencies installed (QT seems to be missing), I got most of them. Once this was done, the MLT installed and I was able to render to DV and DVD formats.

Only remaining problem with it now is that the audio has regular 'crackling' sounds in it. I've temporarily side-stepped this problem by rendering audio out separately (which now works too!) and then multiplexing them back together. Seems to work ok now.

I'm sure I'll eventually find a solution to that problem too!

Keep up the great development!


OK, I haven't been able to solve this audio problem with KDENLive. I've upgraded to Ubuntu Gutsy and the problem remains the same. Is there something I should look at? Sample rate? Audio encoder? I'm already at the most recent MLT so I'm not sure where else to look. Assistance appreciated!


I use too the 0.6 SVN version, and I can't finish the rendering, in any format. I use videos taken from a digital photo camera, and when I tray to render this stop at 11% without errors, just said ready.

If some know if this is a bug or a simple problem please tell me,


Same bug for me on Suse 10.3.
See comment to a related issue (to my mind):

According to one member, a bug has already been logged in:
Seems to be a quiet new issue...

Question : How to patch ? I need to compile it ? Is there a new released version for download ?