Canon HV20 24p raw footage for testing Kdenlive (wks great)

Dear Friends,

I intend to purchase a low-cost Canon HV20 camcorder (less than 1000€).
The camcorder seems to be able to film in HDV 1080p. It has a microphone input.
Seems to be the perfect solution for cheap professional movies.

At first, I intend to make simple films.

1) I know that HDV support is not yet implemented.
But I can start using Kdenlive in PAL resolution.
Could anyone point out HV20 test files in raw format (mpeg2, 24p) for testing ?
I was able to find mpeg4 movies from the HV20, but not raw Mpeg2 files.

I would like to make sure that it is possible to load Mpeg2 files in Kdenlive and export to AVI dv in PAL resolution, which should be the case.

2) I would like to understand how interlacing is managed in MLT/Kdenlive.
If my source movie is AVI DV (interlaced) and still images (Gimp), is the output interlaced ?
If the source movie is Mpeg2 Avi (non-interlaced) and still images (Gimp), is the output non-interlaced ?

Thank you for your answers.

Kind regards,

I can use Kdenlive, inport HDV mpeg2 files in the project tree and edit them.
The export is only PAL, of course, as MLT does not support HDV yet.

But this works great.

kdenlive / MLT svn should now support HDV.
HDV footage for testing new Kdenlive HDV features can be found here:

I finaly was able to compile latest MLT/Kdenlive with SDL patch,
which are: kdenlive svn 1659, MLT 1023

Then I did some testing on HDV footage downloaded on Internet from

It works great. There is no real slowdown compared to PAL AVI footage.
My dual-core computer jumps to 30% activity when using Kdenlive.

Impressing. Good work!
When MLT and Kdenlive are publied, many users from will switch to Kdenlive.