Can't "add" original-quality clip to project (0.9.2 on suse-12.2)

I have one project defined as 1600x1080 25fps but any clip produced with

ffmpeg -y -f x11grab -s 1600x1080 -r 25 -i :0.0 -sameq ~/pentaboot/ffmpeg-out.mpg

fails to "add" into the project complaining that no project profile matches it and the clip is then severely distorted and of poor quality whereas the original produced with ffmpeg is perfect pixel-for-pixel.

Ideally I'd want to create 1600x1080 10fps absolutely LOSSLESS HDTV training videos
made from ffmpeg screencasts.

What do I need to do to get similar clips accepted into a project and then render original quality output?

thanks a meg!

@ goes after k-12 and b4

You want to create a custom project profile matching your needs. In the moment your clips get distorted, because they are stretched to fit into your project settings.