Can't adjust rectangle in automask

Hi to everybody, and congratulations to all the people who make possible KDENLIVE!

I'm using the latest versions of kdenlive, ffmpeg and mlt in ubuntu karmic. I tried (installing succefully) from ubuntu repositories (ppa:sunab/ppa), from builder wizard, from source code (using your tutorial), ... I try both in ubuntu and kubuntu (always 9.10) fresh (and updated) install, and always with the same result... can't adjust the rectangle in AutoMask effect.

The steps I followed...

-Open a clip (the last a MPEG video, I tried with a 3 or 4 diferent videos and formats).
-Cut a part of the clip
-Aapply automask to this new cli
-In effect options I have debug checked

NOW THE PROBLEM... when I try to move the rectangle to select the face I want to blur, the rectangle does not obey my movements, causing it impossible to select the face I want to cover.

Sorry for my english... ;)


You are right, I just found a typo that makes it impossible to move the rectangle horizontally. A patch was sent on MLT's mailing list to fix this issue.


Ok, thank's for your answer! I was going crazy ;)

Apart from the MLT mailing list, there are other ways to follow the evolution of this issue?

For the moment I installed opensuse 11.1 in another laptop, mlt, ffmpeg, kdenlive and recordmydesktop as described in the automask works great, moving and resizing rectangle included! Fantastic effect!

sorry for the insistence, but I have been looking at the MLT mailing list and cannot find the email to track this issue.

Can someone say where I can see it?


The fix was committed to MLT yesterday, along with several other minor fixes:

Oh, fantastic!

I installed it from GIT and works great!