Can't capture from dv device via /dev/raw1394

Hello ALL...

I have installed kdenlive on kubuntu 8.04.
So far can work although no fully...
What this installed is no crashed as I read on release note because I have update the kernel into higher version.

But, now I've got real problem:
I cannot capture dv raw from /dev/raw1394.
I have checked that kernel module raw1394 loaded, /dev/raw1394 also exists.
I also have chmod /dev/raw1394 to 777 permission...

Well, I hope somebody can help solve this problem...


I have edit /etc/modules

Then I try dvgrab -i
And it said:
Error, no camera exists

First, try to guess if you are using the old or new firewire stack.
Then load the modules, then reboot.
Then as root enter dvgrab -i to see what is going on.

If you get that you usually have a fairly low level compatibility problem between FireWire hardware, BIOS, kernel, cable, and device. So, the easiest thing to do is try a different cable or test the device with another computer.