Can't change duration of titles - workaround

I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing this bug, but in the title editor I can't change the duration of the title, I can select the numbers in the box but my input is ignored.

It can be usefull for example when producing a scrolling title for the credits at the end of the movie.

Here is my workaround :
- edit the project file with vi
- locate your title (search for text you know is in)
- find the input marker kdenlive_producer audio_max="0" id="129" default_video="0" xmldata="<kdenlivetitle
- change out="750" to 25x[your duration in seconds]
- change duration="751" to to (25x[your duration in seconds])+1

For me it worked... but it's probably a bug preventing one from changing the value in the GUI.

I've the same problem.
But you can clear the whole field and then fill in the new length beginning with 00:00... and so on.

I do the same as lxvidcut to work around this

I just committed a fix that should make timecode edition easier, should be available in the next update to sunab's experimental PPA (probably ready tonight or tomorrow):

Or available through the build script for those using it...
Feedback welcome...