Can't do anything useful with Kdenlive.

I save a project, and no file appears. I put a video clip in a video track, an audio clip in an audio track, and render (to mpeg, flv, anything) and get no audio, or silence for the duration of the file. No video effects are applied to the rendered file.

This is all best-case scenario, because the program also crashes often.

Is this experience usual, or is something wrong with my Gentoo install? Everything else works brilliantly.

Thanks for your time,

Hmmm - how frustrating...

I am running on Ubuntu 7.10 and whilst it is prone to crashing, I just keep saving the project as I go along. Sound - original and added music - works fine, video effects and clip transitions are good too. And I got scrolling titles running nicely...

Hope you manage to get this sorted...

Thanks for the reply. I think it's time for me to give up on Gentoo, and either go with Ubuntu, or back to Slackware :x.

Beware of Ubuntu 8.04 and kdenlive. Some bugs are afoot.