Can't export the right piece of the video.

Hello everybody, I'm relatively new with Ubuntu and completely new at KDENLive. I've downloaded it yesterday and I loved it, but I find out a really annoying problem.

I want to cut a video of 34 minutes in three parts - cause I need a 2minute-piece of the video in the middle of it. I'd razor the clip until the start of the part I wanted, and that's ok. After, I razored it again and, in other words, the clip was splitted in 3 parts, one, two and three, I wanted the second only. I deleted the first and the third. Only the second on the timeline. But when I export it, it turns out to be the third part of the video exported. I tried it again and again and occurred the same problem. What do I do?


could i get a screen shot or 2. prehaps it will make more sence to me then...

i wouldn't swear by it, as i can't open kdenlive right now. but if I'm not mistaken the green line above your footage is the area rendered. At the moment its collapsed and most likely pointing to the delete track (which would be a bug, so let us know if this works). if you drag the to end points out to look at your video (so theres a green line above it), then it should render correctly.

No, the same thing happened again. But maybe it's the file, since I tried it with another video and it was allright :|

2 quesions
a) what format and how did you create the video
b) have you tried the kdenlive .6?

a) I've downloaded one episode of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy TV Series. It's an .avi file. I'm trying to export it to mpeg4, 320x200, medium.
b) Nope. I'll do that =)

only a cvs version... you can down load it simply from here but you will have to compile it from the source. It has got some patches and genrally works beter but's not officially stable.

Oh, there's a problem: I don't use KDE (Ubuntu 7.10), so I can't compile it. Should I report a bug?

there are instructions to install on the same's just not as simple as running the script.

Oh I know, I had to download some packages, but then I had to install KDE. I'm not experienced, but my friend told me it's not worth the time and space install KDE because of one program =/

Still should I report a bug?

no, the bug should be fix they due out with a new version later this month

i agree about the kde thing, it's a hassel