Can't get blue screen to work


I can't get the blue screen effect to work.

I add a clip of a white sofa in a white room with a green paper placed in the sofa in a video track.
I add a background clip in the video track below the first one.
I add a composite transition for the entire length of the two clips.
I add the blue screen effect to the top video track.

But no matter how I pick the green color from the green paper and adjust the variance I can't get it to work.
Sure, the underlying clip shows thru the top clip at some points but the areas have no relation to the green areas.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the reply.

I'm doing exactly as in tutorial 1 but with no sucess. As I change the variance more or less of the underlying clip shows thru the overlaying clip, but where and how much doesn't seem to have anything to do anything to do with the green screen.

try using the color selection effect instead of blue screen, it's basically the same thing but a lot more powerful and configurable.

(forget my text, it was wrong)

I've tried the color selection effect with much better result. It's better but far from OK. It's not like in the many tutorials thats says "Just add the effect and, bam! there you go". I think I can get it to work but it will take a lot of work with the lightning och trimming of the variables in the effect.