Can't render to any format

Hi all,

Kdenlive is for me a very good piece of software - there is only one exception... Rendering.
I can't render at all. I'm working with OpenSuSE 11.1 and with Kdenlive from SVN (using building wizard).
Editing works as for me very good (but I'm still missing some functions - but it's another subject ;-) ).
When I've finished my job I would like to render a DVD. But...
My DVD should be a collection of few clips and only what I get is the first picture from each clip. For example:
1. first minute I can see only the first picture from first clip
2. then 4 minutes I can see only the first picture of the second clip
and so on...
In Kdenlive is everything ok - I mean I can see everything ok in the preview window. There is no message in the command line.

Any ideas?



This is probably related to bug that was recently fixed in MLT's git repository and related to some recent changes to FFmpeg. MLT was just re-organised and the MLT svn is not updated anymore, development switched to git.

So you have 2 solutions for the moment:

1- revert your FFmpeg version to something that is a few months older ( I think the builder wizard allows to choose an old revision number - 18630 should be ok).

2- Get the latest MLT from git repository:
git clone git://
But that is not easy to compile it with the necessary flags to work with your Wizard install of FFmpeg / kdenlive

In the next days, I will put detailled instructions on the website and hope that Mads can also update th Kdenlive Builder Wizard.



Thanks - it has solved my problem :-)
I've chosen the second option. MLT from git repository and I've installed it where wizard would make it.
Now I can render my videos :-))

But the problem will be back as soon as I'll update the sources with the wizard...

Thanks again,