Can't render to H264 or mpeg4 (fixed)

Hi, I'm trying to render to H264 or mpeg4 , the render starts and stops immediately,  it outputs a 0 bytes file.
All other codecs are working. And kdenlive reads H264 files.
any idea? am i missing some dependency/codec ?


Probably missing codecs. 
Can you tell us more about your installation : distribution, packages or source compilation, etc ...

ubuntu 8.10,
kdenlive 0.7 packages downloaded from:
(red link saying "l'archivio tar.gz")
i guess i have the codecs, because i can read h264/mpeg4
(render mpeg4 from cinelerra no problem, h264..problem)

ok never mind i just read in the download page:

"FFmpeg version on Intrepid is from February 2008, which means bad AVCHD and bad h264 support."
that's probably the problem.

You have to build ffmpeg against x264 to get encoding support.

You can use the Builder Wizard to create the latest version with all dependences on your system. Instructions for *Ubuntu can be found here. This also has the advantage of being kept upto date with new changes on SVN, and being able to help by testing and reporting bugs on the most up to date code.

last time i used the wizard i had no icons on kdenlive interface (and menus)....
so i'll try compiling ffmpeg separately.

Ubuntu packages have been updated with a custom FFmpeg package (as well as FreiOr video effects). 
Please upgrade from our download page.

i know,  i updated Frei0r but the ffmpeg is not a binary and needs to be compiled.

ffmpeg is being compiled by Ubuntu farm. Wait until it is released. Unless you use the builder wizard, you may need to wait a few days.