Can't set keyframes behind frame 64 on longer transitions

Since I've updated to vers. 7.2 I cannot make longer transitions as 2 sec 15 frames (PAL) with full funtionality. I can't see any way to get behind this limit in the transition window, e.g. for making PIP during longer than 2,5 sec with keyframes behind No. 64.

Also I can't justify the length of the transition with the dialog (popping up when clicking twice the left mouse button) to more than 2 sec 15 frames, this only works when I drag the transition on the right side. Is this a bug or is there a workaround for this purpose? I haven't found anything in the documetation yet.

Could you confirm my problem or is it a installation problem?

I'm working on Debian Lenny with all needed packages of the sid repository.

I confirm that the dialog popping up when double clicking on a transition does not work, I will fix it for next release.
I don't really understand / cannot reproduce your issue with the 64 frame limit (see picture below).
Can you describe the precise steps to reproduce the bug?

Sorry, I can't give you detail information because after a while, kdenlive crashed completly even without saving anything I've worked with. After starting new, the described issue was gone. I think, this could be caused by problems in other parts of the program.

Eventually you can give me a hint, how I could make some logging or dumping without disturbing normal work with the program. If this is possible, I could give you futher details if the programm will crash again.

Thank you for the announcement of fixing the problem with the dialog.