CAPODA & Le Chauffeur a des gants

I would like to share two serious short films I made recently on my spare time.

The first one, CAPODA, was made using blender and yafray. The editing was made using Kdenlive of course.
Most of the clips are made of frames, I had to use Project -> Create Slideshow Clip to import my sequences.
The Project is HD 720. I didn't succeed in playing the video in real time within Kdenlive.

The second one, Le Chauffeur a des gants is more traditional.
I made many color corrections, unfortunately, I wasn't using the latest svn so there wasn't an easy way to control contrasts. (I used brightness and gamma)
Some compositing was made using Blender (using masks on some parts of the image in order to enhance contrasts on these areas, or to remove people in background)

Please leave your comments.

I think they look great and should get more attention!

I like CAPODA best although it gives me the feeling you haven't perfected it yet... It's just so close to grasping my full attention and surprise so keep making these productions (both of you!) and let's hope you find a solution to edit it realtime. Le Chauffeur looks nice, too bad about the still limited contrast/coloring possibilities... please post if there is an english subtitled version.

I love Capoda! I inserted it also in my website:

Will already look forward to your next production!