Capturing from DV-Device


I would like to know if somebody uses the import feature from DV-Cam in Kdenlive. Well I'm using Kdenlive 0.8 on openSUSE 11.4 x64 and I have connected a Canopus ADVC 55 to my firewire.

But the device is not recogised by Kdenlive.

I have tried to load the module with "modprobe raw1394" but that module does not exist. After some research on Google I found out that a new firewire stack is included in newer Kernel Versions.

The strange thing is that I installed the "Kino" video editing software, and there it wasn't a problem. Perfect recognition. Also the name of the device shows up.

So it's not really a problem for me, because I can capture it with Kino and then import it to Kdenlive.

But maybe there is an solution for this problem? I'm not a very experienced user in Linux and Video editors, so I have no idea where to search for. So what could I do for testing?

A helping hand would be much apprecitated.