Car Slalom Event in Germany

Hi all,

this time it's me to show a 100% Kdenlive production. Only the title and scroller have been imported as grahics from inkscape.

I am not completely happy with the quality after youtubes processing. At home the movie has a better quality, especially the b/w fade outs. Anyway...


Cheers, Achim

Nice :)
I do have to install Need for Speed again.

killer transition at 0:24, you should use this instead of fading to black... this will keep the action moving

Hi holly089,

you mean replace the fade to black by a hard cut? There is no transistion at 0:24, only a sequence of hard cuts.

I would like to get better in video production, maybe you can help me. My plan in was to combine the whosh from the music with some corresponding picture, that addionally draws the attention of the viewer (what comes next?). The whole sequence in b/w is made of clips from all over the day and that is why I wanted to separate them from continuous sequences of driving cars on the track (and made it b/w). The fade outs correspond to the music quite well - I thought.

How would an alternative cut look like that keeps the action more moving?

Thanks in advance and
cheers, Achim