Change to a darker interface

The light interface of Kdenlive might be in style with KDE, but it is not good for colorcorrection. Hopefully that will be a reality in the future, but I think that the default design should already now be darker - hex #505050 might be a good starting point.

I would also love to see a bit more style added to the interface. If nobody has any objection, I am going to start asking around to some people if they can come up with a design.

Take a dark KDE theme, that should do the trick :)

It would be nice if you could change the theme just for kdenlive like you can do with digiKam. You need it just for the A/V work after all.

The design of Kdenlive needs to be independent of what is used in KDE. What is nice and good in KDE is not necessarily good in Kdenlive. Take a look at MediaComposer, FinalCut and Premiere. As well as all other high end editing and compositing application. They are all a shade of grey. Why? Because of your eyes.

Your eyes are adaptive - actually all senses are. If you hold a blue card in front of your eyes and look at it for a few minutes, then switch it with a white card, it will look yellow. And effects like this needs to be avoided when you work with video and pictures, the same way that you can not mix audio in a noisy environment.

Not just for color correction, it's just generally much easier on the eyes to look at video against a darker background.

In Premiere Elements you can adjust the shade of grey. Probably the best approach.

I'm calling kdenlive with the standard KDE option '-style' and go with a (darker) style of my choice just for kdenlive.


PS: In particular, I'm running a Gnome desktop with the Dust GTK2 theme and start kdenlive with the gtk+ style (qt4 gtkstyle engine).

I guess there could be an option for a different theme. Something similar to digiKam?

The SVN version (post 0.7.6) has the ability to choose different color schemes.

Will the current SVN version honor the QT default style/theme set via qtconfig-qt4 in case KDE is not available (GNOME/XFCE/...) ? (I've a darker theme configured for qt4 and would love to have it as default for Kdenlive, too)

My lastest test with official 0.7.6 don't show such a (consistent) behaviour. (Convential config order is KDE, then qtconfig, than internal, right ?)

I always have to add a "--style" command line option to modify the qt4 theme of kdenlive. Would it be a big deal to pay respect to the qt4 default config ?