Change pixel aspect ratio directly in the timeliner.

I have kdenlive version 0.7.3 and I have problem with video formating.
At first, my video was in format DV PAL widescreen and my 16:9 video is only editable and renderable in 4:3. Unfortunately, my video is completely done, It means, that I had make film, yet.
I'm looking for help in this forum and I find manual, how to change it - So I changed pixel aspect ratio in all my clips in project structure.

But it isn't solution for my problem, because this change pixel aspect ratio wasn't be changed in timeliner, so, my project, my film is still in 4:3. (resp. this change didn't be ok in clips, which is used in timeliner.)

Pleas, can you help me? Is there any way how to change video format directly in timeliner or in project structure and then in main timeliner?

Thank you very much!


Right-click the clip in the timeline and choose "reload". If that does not work, edit the project XML and add a "force_aspect_ratio" <property> to each <producer>.

Thank you very much. There is no choose "reload", so I try other version or XML editing.

Have a nice day!

Sorry, I meant to say you have to right-click on the clip in the _Project tree_ not the timeline.