Charity photofilm

Hi guys,

Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work on Kdenlive. It's an awesome tool I recommend to everyone - including those making videos in international development who can't afford big licensing fees.

Here's a link to my latest project, entirely created in Kdenlive.

You might argue that it's overkill for a photofilm, but the truth is an NLE is the only way to get complete control for one. If there's an easy Ken Burns filter on its way though...



Very well done! Like the video. Very calm cuts, beautiful pictures.

One question though, the end says CC 2001, should this perhaps be 2011?

We don't have a Ken Burns yet, as far as I know. (I'm not even sure if it isn't licensed in some way, once heared something like this.)
But who knows, the number of effects grows :)


Thanks Granjow,

And well spotted on the copyright notice... d'oh. I thought I'd changed that - hope the guy uploaded the right version.

I wouldn't have thought there's a licence on Ken Burns effect - it's just a pan and zoom technique. It's easy enough to do in Kden, it's just that if you want to put it onto large numbers of photos it can get a bit tedious. Also, I've found that layering the zoom effect onto too many others (fade in/out & audio effects too) can cause artefacting occassionally.

I did "Ken Burns" with Kdenlive (all automatic). Now I'm at work on winXP and cannot check on my home PC. I don't remember well but there should be "create picture slideshow" somewhere or under the menus. I don't remember if it was Kdenlive 0.8 or SVN version... When I get home I'll take a look.