Clip bin

I would like to see a bin where you can drop clips, both from clip monitor and timeline.

I often find myself having clips that I want to use but not right now. Finding great sequences when looking for something else but not having any use for it right now or lifting a clip from the timeline because it doesn't fit as good anymore but you want to keep it for later use.

I've solved this by having a muted track in the timeline where I drop these clips. It's not an elegant solution and the timeline gets cluttered.
Having a clip bin would be a huge help in organizing projects.

(By clip I mean a smaller piece of a larger clip (as in the project tree) defined by in/out points.)

Yes, I think that would be a great feature. Even better, I am thinking of 2 clip bins!

There could be one bin for the project, that is saved inside the project and a "global" bin that would allow to copy / paste often used clips between several projects...

I hope to find some time to work on it...

After thinking a bit, I am not so sure it is a good idea to add yet another widget, because Kdenlive interface is already complicated.

So here is what I am thinking about:

1- allow to drag a zone from clip monitor to project tree, that would create a new entry in project tree as a child of the original clip, see screenshot:

2- Add a new entry "Send to project tree" in timeline context menu that would allow to send the current clip with its effects into the project tree. We could for example have a folder called "Timeline cuts" where all those clips would go.

Would that be ok for you?

I think your solution would work very well!

Ok, the first part of it (dragging clip monitor zone to project tree) is now mostly implemented in svn. Feedback welcome, but I think it is rather useful. I still need to find an easy way for users to update an existing zone, but otherwise I think it works quite well.