Clip Duration

In version 0.8.3, the "Clip Duration" in the right mouse button menu of the selected video clip on the timeline seems to have disappeared. Has this feature moved to another location? Has it been done away with altogether? I found it a handy tool.



No, it's still there, just double click on the clip.

Thanks, I see it now.


If the clip in question has a volume(keyframe) effect then double clicking on it will create a new volume keyframe instead of displaying the clip's duration information. One must first turn off the effect, double click for the duration information, then turn the effect back on. Perhaps going back to using the right mouse button's context menu would be a faster and better way to do this. What is the reason for changing the duration display from right mouse button to double clicking? Just wondering.

kdenlive 0.9

You're right, just tried it. The only other alternative to turning off the effect is to select the the clip, then Menu:- Timeline > Current Clip > Edit Duration.

I suppose that's still a bit quicker than turning off and on the effect.


Double clicking on a clip in timeline to edit its duration was always possible, but it's true that it does not work with keyframe effects. I removed that option from the timeline context menu because I wanted to clean up the menu and only leave the most useful commands.

If you often use the edit duration feature, you can always assign a shortcut to it (Settings > Configure shortcuts) to access it from a keyboard shorcut...