clip import invalid

Hi all, I've just installed the latest 09.2 version of kdenlive on my freshly installed Open SUSE12.2 laptop.
However, when I try to import clips (.mov) I get an error message " clip invalid - removing from project". When I do the same having opened Kdenlive in a terminal then the output is thus......

[codecs] Warning: Could not find video Decoder for fourcc avc1
[codecs] Warning: quicktime_decode_video_stub called
[codecs] Warning: quicktime_delete_stub called

I can't seem to find a fourcc avc1 package in the YAST package manager.

Anybody any ideas as to how I can start to use this great piece of software? I've had it up and running on my last distro "mint 13" with mate desktop. Thought I'd try kde now and thought that kdenlive might work even better on a kde desktop. As of yet I can't even get it to load up a clip!

Official Suse repositories are probably "patent shy" and have only a very limited range of codecs available.

Try installing video stuff (FFMPEG, MLT, Kdenlive) from Packman.

It would probably be best if you remove the Suse versions of these first, then install from Packman.

However be warned, that to get everything working well, you need to have the versions (of FFMPEG, MLT) "just right"! Whivh ones are "just right" changes quite often...