Cloning? Rotoscope?

The video of the fellow with 3 of himself in one video was fascinating.

I saw another video of fellow describing Rotoscope and I was successful in making a really crude version of something created with Rotoscope.

But, I'd like to know know exactly how to create the same cloning effect.

What does your crude version do ?

All you need to do is film 3 scenes on a tripod against the same background. Make sure the actor in each scene does not encroach into the other "actors" space in the other scenes. And then rotoscope them together. The technicalities of the editing is not much of a problem. What I found when I tried to do this was that the critical part is the timing of the scene. It is very hard to have the actor talking to himself because you need to get the timing of the dialog perfect.

To describe my workflow:
- I first repeated the scene and counted how long "everything" takes.
- Then I filmed the entire scene, which were actually three scenes ("3" persons), in one go with my camera on a tripod.

In kdenlive I added the entire movie clip, and in the clip monitor I cut the three scenes and put them on the time line.
I added three screen captures from my project to this post. The top one ("rotoscopy_total.jpg") is a fullscreen printscreen with the excluded rotoscopy mask from track 3, the smaller middle one ("rotoscope_track2.jpg") contains the include rotoscopy mask from track 2 (1st person), and the bottom one ("rotoscope_timeline.jpg") is a printscreen of the timeline (but you already guessed that one I think :) ).

You can click any image to see it properly in a browser window.

On video track 2 I put the "first" track where I'm behind my laptop (old macbook b.t.w.).
On track 3 you will find the "second person" coming in (right bench, left person).
On track 4 you will find the "third person" coming in (right bench, right person).

Track 2 (person 1) uses a rotoscope effect. The mask is a normal mask which means that everything in the mask is included.You can see that in the second middle image (rotoscope_track2.jpg)

Track 3 (person 2) uses a reversed rotoscope effect (see total screenshot). The reversed rotoscope means that the area inside the mask is EXcluded from the total scene. I did that so that the 3rd person in track 4 will appear in that area.
Note that I cut track 3 at the start of track 4. I didn't remove anything from track 3 but I wanted the composite effect to start at the moment track 4 starts.

Track 4 (person 3) is just a straight-forward clip track.

Finaly I blended some stuff in via Track 1 which contains the photo with me on it 6 times (created in Hugin using masks).


Thank you.

I'll try it this week sometime.