[closed] playing slow+vob / ralentissement+vob

I've got a problem with render in DVD mode, so in .VOB files. The movie.vob is playing slowly. For exemple,10 secondes in normal speed, next 30 secondes in slowly speed.... I capture directly with Kdenlive in dv. So i've got this problem during the play of my film directly on my pc (i'm not specaking about DVD player for TV). I'm on ubuntu/feisty.
Is someone as a movie.vob playable ?

J'ai un problème avec le rendu en DVD, soit en .vob. Le fichier.vob obtenu 'rame'. Par exemple, 10 seconde sà vitesse normale, puis 30 secondes au ralenti, et ansi de suite. J'importe depuis Kdenlive en DV. J'ai ce problème même en lisant le fichier.vob sur mon pc. Je suis sur ubuntu/Feisty.
Est-ce-que quelqu'un à réussi à faire un rendu en .vob lisible ?




I have the same problem, and the problem is the same when burned to DVD, the file plays slowly and is choppy. I went to rendering to mpeg files, and then burning those with dvdstyler or the like. That is less problematic, but I'd love to know how to just do the DVD format as supplied and have it work...


hi amoswright.
I don't like DVDSTYLER because the DVD aren't watchable with all DVD home player (i've got three, and it work only with one). But i make some test with MANDVD.
When you render in mpeg format, could you write here the détails of the parameters for your mpeg choice, i would like to test it


Hi Frank,

Yeah, I'm no expert, but DVD Styler has worked intermittently for me. I run a teen center with donated computers, running Ubuntu and Fedora, so there are too many variables to say for sure what is effecting success. Anyway, it seems that using the "medium quality --> mpeg --> 720x576 --> High" setting works well. The commands that correspond to this setting are:
format=mpeg video_rc_min_rate=0 video_bit_rate=12000000 audio_bit_rate=384000 frequency=48000 size=720x576 progressive=1

...So, that was working well, but now I must post a new question to the forum because I'm having problems with audio not sync properly.


Thanks for the details Amos.

Someone give me the answer on a forum: if you use SVN version, the export in .VOB is ok now. I made a test yesterday, and it ran on the DVD player normally

Use this
kdenlive, mlt et mlt++

But this version crash a lof...