Clouds - Timelapse


Last month I was looking for video editing programs on Linux. I checked -I think- every single program. I found that Kdenlive is the best of all. Unbelievably good, easy to use and fast. But I had an earlier version in the repos and it had problems with my Kubuntu Feisty (which looks like has many rather old or brand new but buggy multimedia packages). My machine crashed a lot and hanged (had to reboot) more times when I made the following video:

Then I found a new Kdenlive version on a French forum, and It's even more better, but still sometimes hangs for me (when previewing, at transitions). I am awaiting the new Kdenlive version, IMHO every distribution should contain it in the future, just the same way now they ship default paint, browser and media player. Thanks for this wonderful program!!!

Very nice. How did you capture the footage?

nice... i also would like to know how you captured them though :)

Yes, and what is the version you found on the French site? Mine is 0.5.