cmake does not find correct executables

Hi, I'm currently trying to build the latest kdenlive from svn on a gentoo machine, but I have problems with configuring.
When I docmake -i .cmake does not find the kde binaries and libraries, which are in /usr/kde/3.5/ on my machine. Most of the necessary answers are clear to me, two of them, however, remain unsolved:

  • KDE3_KCFGC_EXECUTABLE - I guessed it was /usr/kde/3.5/kconfig_compiler, but this seems to be the wrong binary[/*:m]
  • XTRACTRC_EXECUTABLE - I've no idea at all which executable is meant by this name, and, if it's missing, to which package it may belong[/*:m]

Thanks for your help!


Which version of cmake do you have ?

The KDE3_KCFGC_EXECUTABLE should point to a binary called kconfig_compiler
the XTRACTRC_EXECUTABLE should point to a binary called: extractrc. On ubuntu systems, it is in a package called: kdesdk-scripts

hope it helps, but best would be to understand why cmake fails to find them...

Still, your paths seem a bit strange. If your KDE is installed in /usr/kde/3.5/, the binary files should probably be in /usr/kde/3.5/bin/
Do you have that in your path ?


Thanks for your help, j-b-m!
The issue with kconfig_compiler was my fault, I actually forgot to add the "bin" directory in the path.
The hint with extractrc from kdesdk-scripts (same name on gentoo) was important, I was unable to figure out that this package is a dependency for kdenlive. Thanks once again.

As to the question why cmake doesn't find the binaries on the kde-path - well, my fault again: I ran cmake as root, and in fact the kde-binaries are only in the path for normal users.

Everything's compiling fine right now, expect further feedback on the bug tracker or the devel list :-)