Color correction

I will teach a course on Kdenlive for students in a course... the problem I have is the COLOR CORRECTION TOOLS.

Seems to be using Frei0r plugins, and actually I used those in OpenMovieEditor Before and most of them were AWESOME in a node editor these are some cool stuff I worked on:

but in Kdenlive R, G and B cannot be used to correct the video with the bright/contrast tools, and we don`t count on CURVES which is important.
In this example I splitted the R,G,B, channels and worked with curves to get a mask , then I have used the mask as a alpha channel.

Marcos Caballero
PS: now if you want to FORK the node editor (since Ome is abandoned), that would be AWESOME!

Kdenlive now has quite good colour correction effects (using latest svn version, not, which will be in the next release. Although Kdenlive gives you a few compositing features, it shoudn't really be used for such complex effects.

For advanced effects, you can try RamenHD (, which is specifically designed for that task (but still in early development), or even Blender, if you're feeling brave enough.

Kdenlive will probably grab more and more advanced features, but node based effects and compositing seems quite a long way down the road. Kdenlive does video editing, and that's what the focus should be on.

This one looks very interesting. Are you in contact with Esteban? It would be great if we could combine its powers with kdenlive&Co's.

Just a quick note: For those new color correction you do not only need a recent version of Kdenlive but also of frei0r.

I don't think Esteban would be interested in integrating Ramen to Kdenlive, at least right now. He's concentrating on getting just one good working software for specific tasks (compositing). Ramen and Kdenlive are a bit like After Effects and Premiere, in some way ;)

When he announced to the Blender community that he was developing his own software instead of working on improving Blender, some users just didn't understand. But I find it good to have separate software for specific tasks.

You can do a bit of compositing in Premiere and you can do some editing in After Effects, but you wouldn't want one single software doing all that those two do, it would just be too big, and clumsy.

I've read Granjow's article (" Introducing Color Scopes: The Histogram") about this new Color Scope feature and correcting colors using "luma curves and levels", and I see you, experienced guys talk about COLOR CORRECTING TOOLS and CURVES, but where on earth can I find these luma curves and levels that Granjow and you are talking about?
I've search all through the application, but I can't find a trace of it. Is it because I'm a newby, or is there some sort of plugin, setting or theme that has to installed first?

What do I have to do to make "luma curves and levels" visible?

They are both frei0r effects you have to apply. They are in the Effect List, under Color Correction. For Curves you can select one of the channels Red, Green, Blue, Luma.

@LeHomard, I understand this step and I agree with it.
How do After Effects and Premiere work together? Do you first do your work in AE, then in Premiere? Wondering about the workflow.


@Granjow. I'm sorry to say but in my Effect List under Color Correction I can only find:
- Brightness
- Brightness (keyframable)
- Gamma
- White Balance

Something missing, or do I have to install some extra plugins? Seems very strange because according to the package manager it dìd install all the freiOr-plugins (like "freiOr_curves.xml" and "freiOr_levels.xml"), but I don't see them in the Effect list!!?


Perhaps try to re-run the Settings > Run Config Wizard again.

Sorry, but running the wizard again doesn't solve my problem.

Maybe a stupid question (I think it is), but does it matter which distro you're running (Linux Mint Isadora in my case)? When using different 'Windows'-versions these things sometimes matter.

leonix, these are in frei0r-plugins v1.2, which was just released. You might have to wait a little to get them in package updates. Or, try the sunab launchpad ppa for up-to-date packages for Kdenlive, frei0r, and mlt. I am not 100% sure of the safety of installing packages made for Ubuntu Lucid with Mint Isadora, but it seems reasonable.

Okay! This works!
Thank you very much for your help.


By the way, Mint Isadora is based on Ubuntu Lucid. I go for Mint because everything works out of the box and you don't have to install extra restricted codes and so more.